Time for New Brake Pads? Visit Your Mercedes Dealer Today!

August 19th, 2022 by

Your brake pads are a vital part of your braking system. They generate the friction necessary to slow down and stop your Mercedes. They will wear down and will need to be replaced. When you need new pads, your Mercedes dealer can fit them for you. These are a few signs that your pads will need to be replaced.Time for New Brake Pads_Mercedes Benz of South Charlotte

Your Pads Are Screeching

Screeching sounds from the pads is a sign that they’ve worn down and need to be replaced. When you apply the brakes, the pads that sit inside the brake calipers are pushed against both sides of the rotors. These pads have a friction material covering that slows and stop your car’s wheels. This material covering slowly wears off each time you use the brakes.

When the covering thickness drops to 1/4″, a metal spike embedded in the pads becomes visible. This metal spike is built into the pads by the manufacturers as a reminder to change your pads. When you hit the brakes, this spike will scrape against the metal rotor and produce a loud screeching sound.

Your Pads are Glazed

When you use the brakes, the pads are pushed against the rotors. These pads withdraw from the rotors as soon as you take your foot off the brake pedal. If you ride your brakes, however, the pads will stay in contact with the rotors. Riding your brakes for long periods generates extra wear and tear on your braking system, and it will damage the pads.

Pads that are kept in contact with the rotors will develop a shiny, smooth surface. These are known as glazed pads. The smooth surface of the pads makes braking more difficult, as they can no longer generate friction with the rotors. You’ll notice that it takes longer for your Mercedes to come to a stop when your pads are glazed.

Your Pads Are Grinding

As we saw above, screeching noises come from worn pads. If the pads aren’t replaced when they start screeching, the material will continue to wear off. Once the material covering has gone, the metal pads will grind against your rotors. The pads will damage the smooth surface of the rotors, and this can cause future brake problems.

The rotors need a smooth surface for the calipers to grab for your braking system to work effectively. A scoured rotor surface will produce vibrations when you use the brakes. The vibrations are caused by the calipers grabbing the uneven surface. The rotors may need to be resurfaced or replaced depending on the damage.

If you have any of these signs, come into our service department at Mercedes-Benz of South Charlotte.