Does Your Mercedes Need New Tires?

Car tires get a little worn down each time they’re driven on: it’s just part of life! Making sure that car tires are still safe to drive on is part of being a smart and responsible driver; no one wants to get stranded accidentally due to a preventable tire blowout! Here’s what to look for if you suspect that you may need to go to your nearest Mercedes dealer for some new tires.

Worn-Down Treads

Tire treads provide the grip on the asphalt that prevents slipping and sliding, making them one of the most important parts of a car. Tire treads are also what get worn down most while driving, but don’t worry, there’s an easy trick using a penny to tell if they’ve gotten too low. Place the penny in one of the grooves, with Lincoln’s head facing down–if you can still see his head, that means you need a change.

Newer tires may include a piece of rubber that’s placed in one of the grooves already, which is called the “wear bar”. Another way to check for worn-down treads is by checking for this wear bar. If the wear bar is flush with the tire treads, that’s your car’s way of telling you that it needs some fresh tires.

More Vibrations Than Usual

When a car is vibrating more than it used to or an excessive amount, it should always get a checkup at the nearest Mercedes dealer. There are a handful of different tire-related reasons that could be causing this, such as tires becoming misaligned or the shock absorbers getting old. If the vibrations seem to specifically come from under the steering wheel, there may be a suspension issue that needs to be fixed.

Even if the tires aren’t the cause of the vibrations, unusual vibrations can damage the tires by unbalancing them or putting excessive pressure on them. This makes it even more important to check out any shaking that’s out of the ordinary.

Cracks or Blisters on Tires

Doing a regular visual checkup on your tire’s sidewalls is a good idea in order to find any large cracks or bulges that may appear. If a crack is large enough to be easily noticed, then it’s time to get a tire replacement. A big crack in a tire’s sidewall could indicate that a tire is developing a leak, which could lead to a blowout.

Bulges or blisters in the tires are very similar, indicating that the tire has weakened to the point of a possible blowout. As cracks and bulges usually are caused by air leaks, it’s important to check the pressure levels in each tire on a regular basis. The pressure should be between 32 and 35 PSI (pounds per inch); your Mercedes also has a pressure monitor light to help notify you of an unexpected problem.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration advises that drivers should check on their tires on a monthly basis and see a professional if there’s a problem. Stop by the Mercedes-Benz of South Charlotte for next-level service and great deals on new parts, including tires.