3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Car Air Filter

The car air filter provides the clean air that your Mercedes engine needs for effective combustion. Air that flows in through the radiator enters the air filter. The purpose of the filter is to screen out pollen, dirt, and other debris. These pollutants are captured by the filter, but the filter will eventually fill up. As your Mercedes dealer, we’d like you to know the signs that we need to install a new air filter in your Mercedes.

Lower Gas Mileage

Your Mercedes engine is very efficient and has good fuel economy. If your air filter is blocked, you’ll start to notice your car is becoming less efficient. More frequent trips to the pump are a sign that something isn’t right. The cause of the problem is a low air-to-fuel ratio. Combustion requires far more air than fuel, but a blocked air filter will prevent air from reaching your engine.

Without enough air in the combustion chamber, your car will use more fuel. The fuel, however, isn’t burnt, it’s wasted. When there isn’t enough air, much of the fuel will be dumped into the exhaust system. The wasted fuel will also damage your spark plugs, and it can damage your catalytic converter. Once we replace your air filter, your Mercedes will return to its normal fuel efficiency.

Dirty Air Filter

Your air filter is one of the components that you can easily check. Many components in your car are difficult to access or require special tools or training. The air filter is easy to access. The location of the air filter box is described in your car service manual. Once you’ve found the location, you just have to open it and check its condition.

If the filter looks dirty or damaged, your engine is most likely already experiencing problems. We can quickly replace your filter with a new one, and once the filter is replaced engine efficiency will improve dramatically. We will also check your engine for any signs of damage. If we find any damage, our technicians will repair it for you.

Check Engine Light

A blocked air filter will affect the operation of your entire engine. Sensors are emplaced throughout your engine, and they monitor the various components for signs of trouble. If a problem is detected, the warning light will come on. A blocked air filter can set off the warning light due to the lack of oxygen in the engine.

To maintain the perfect ratio for combustion, you need to have 14:1 air to fuel. Sensors in your engine monitor the amount of oxygen that enters the manifold where the fuel and air mix. If the ratio is less than 14:1, a sensor will detect the problem, and the light will come on. If the warning light comes on, it’s important to come in so we can check your engine.

A blocked air filter can damage your engine. If you have any problem with your filter, call us at Mercedes-Benz of South Charlotte.