Mercedes-Benz Safety Features

Mercedes-Benz Safety Features

No matter what Mercedes-Benz you’re driving, you can always have confidence that it will be backed by some of the most reliable safety features in the industry. The Mercedes-Benz brand has a strong reputation for constructing their vehicles in a way that will dramatically lessen the chances of an accident. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable Mercedes-Benz safety features available.

Pre-Safe Technology

Mercedes-Benz’s signature Pre-Safe technology will help warn drivers whenever there’s an imminent accident. This technology will also help prepare the vehicle for the collision by tightening seatbelts, closing the sunroof and windows, and even adjust front head restraints. When driving through the Carolinas there’s no better way to be and feel safer than driving a vehicle with Mercedes-Benz safety features.

Accident Investigation

Mercedes-Benz takes pride in offering some of the most notable safety features in the industry. This is why they’ve launched their accident investigation program – to help them determine what the most likely scenario for an accident might be so that they can develop technology to prevent it. They calculate collision angles, impact speed, and collect much more data to help improve their groundbreaking technology, which includes Pre-Safe, Attention Assist, and many others.

Pre-Safe Brake and Distronic Plus Technology

Every second that a driver spends distracted on the road is a second that can have life-changing implications. This is why Mercedes-Benz went out of their way to offer both Pre-Safe Brake and Distronic Plus technology. What do they offer? Basically, whenever the vehicle senses that an accident is about to occur, it will automatically start to initiate about 40% braking power. It will also audibly alert the drive, followed by engaging the Pre-Safe system. Should the driver fail to respond, the vehicle will apply 100% braking power on its own in order to help reduce the impact of a collision.

Night View Assist® Plus

When driving through North Carolina at night, it can be difficult to notice upcoming obstacles in the road. But thanks to Mercedes-Benz’s Night View Assist® Plus technology, this will no longer be an issue. Using a special camera and invisible infrared beams, drivers will be able to view a real-time view of a dark road. This becomes especially useful for avoiding pedestrians or animals on very dark nights.

With that being said, most Mercedes-Benz vehicles come with active full-LED headlamps. These are designed to generate the most amount of power when driving at night. These 72 light-emitting diodes will also reconfigure themselves to form patterns based on other traffic, the vehicle’s speed, and even the driver’s steering habits. Staying safe on dark nights becomes much more convenient with Mercedes-Benz safety features like this.

Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Blind Spot Monitoring

When driving through Charlotte, accidents can occur from any direction. This is why Active Blind Spot Monitoring was created – to help detect vehicles alongside yours that you may have otherwise missed when looking in your rearview mirror. Lane Keeping Assist technology will keep track of your driving, and when it sense that you’re drifting outside of your line, will cause the steering wheel to vibrate. It may even apply brakes to a single side of the vehicle to slowly bring you back into your own lane.

Adaptive High Beam Assist

Finally, with Adaptive High Beam Assist will have access to a specialized camera that will scan the road ahead for the lights being given off by other vehicles. Based on the calculations that it receives, it will maximize its own illumination while ensuring that it doesn’t create an unwanted glare to oncoming vehicles. This is an essential safety feature that not only protects you but also other drivers on the road. Visit Mercedes-Benz of South Charlotte to learn more about these safety features and take a test drive in an all-new Mercedes-Benz vehicle with the latest Mercedes-Benz Safety Features.